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KONG Building Products

PVC Building Materials
At Manufacturer Direct Pricing

Here at PVC Solutions, we offer a range of our exclusive KONG PVC building materials to cover all of your construction needs. From PVC trim boards and moulding to PVC sheets offered in lengths to minimize joints for the purpose of reducing costs our PVC products have builders best interests in mind. All of our PVC lumber can be cut and shaped as needed using standard woodworking tools as well as our newly offered heating blankets to customize moulding around windows and arches.

5.5" pvc crown moulding material

Just some of the different PVC products we stock include PVC trim boards, beadboard, sheets, IPE decking, corner board, fully assembled exterior window trim kits, fasteners, and our PVC adhesive trim glue. Ultimately, we want to be the ones to help to facilitate your project, and that means keeping you supplied with the resources you need to make it happen. If you can’t find something that you’re looking for then let us know because chances are we can get it.


PVC Window Surrounds →

Surrounds are designed to custom specifications and sills on-site by professionals with our screws, plugs and PVC cement to ensure the exterior window trim assembly is done correctly.


PVC Trim Boards →

Our PVC Trim Boards are not only the most affordable option on the market but are also offered in 18’ and 20’ lengths to help decrease building materials and costs.

PVC Sheets

PVC Sheets →

PVC Solutions offers high quality PVC Sheets at unbeatable prices.  These sheets are manufactured in up to 18’ lengths in order to reduce cost and material waste.

PVC Corner Board →

The best option for a builder looking to win on price, quality and ease of use. Corner boards come in 20’ lengths with different widths depending on preference.

PVC Moulding

Kong PVC Moulding →

Offered in 18’ lengths at our manufacturer direct price. We offer many different profiles of moulding to fit your exact building needs and preferences.

IPE Decking

IPE Decking →

IPE is some of the highest quality wood decking currently available on the market. Naturally resistant to rot and decay and lasting 20 years without any preservatives.

PVC Cement

Adhesives and Fastners →

PVC Screws and plugs as well as industrial grade PVC cement at extremely competitive prices!

Heating Blankets →

With Lower prices than ever seen on the market before. Now our clients can heat and bend easily for custom moulding around windows and arches.

Direct Manufacturing

Most of our competitors rely on long supply chains in which their PVC products are repeatedly marked up with the costs passed on to you. This also makes it much harder for them to guarantee the quality as they have no actual control over the manufacturing process.

We do things a little differently. Because we import directly from the manufacturers, we’re able to keep costs down whilst simultaneously ensuring the quality of our PVC products. Our KONG PVC has a high cellular density which means it’s stronger and more durable than that of most of our competitors. It’s also covered by our lifetime guarantee.

A History of Success

We work with homeowners, architects, builders, contractors and remodelers to deliver high quality PVC building materials at unbeatable prices.

See the people and businesses succeeding and saving money by working with PVC Solutions.


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