Material Comparisons

KONG PVC vs. Other Building Materials

Feature KONG Cellular PVC Wood Lower Quality Vinyls
Lifespan 75 years 10 years  10+ years
UV Protection ×  x
Low Maintenance x  x
No Paint Required x  x
Insect Proof ×
Water Proof ×  ✓
Edge Sealing  not applicable  ×
Squared Edges  ✓  not applicable  ×

The Way of the Past

Throughout our years as experienced builders, we’ve noticed a change in the way that consumers use trim boards. In the early days of our business, everyone used composite lumber and other wooden products as window trim. However, wooden products are prone to rotting, which makes them less than ideal for window trims, moulding, and corner boards.

Over time, people switched to vinyl and plastic trim boards. Though these materials tend to do a better job than wood, they also come with a unique set of drawbacks. Then, PVC emerged as the product of choice. Up to this point in time, PVC had only been available at inflated prices due to resellers and distributors creating long supply chains. Finally, PVC is available to you at a fraction of the cost!


The Way of the Future: Cellular PVC Trim

The mission of PVC Solutions is to import high-quality, cellular PVC from the manufacturers to sell directly to our customers. There’s no need for the middleman! PVC products are stronger, more versatile, have a longer lifespan, and are finally available to you at a reasonable price.

Spotting Quality in PVC Trim

The biggest challenge for many customers is understanding how to spot quality in window trim. After all, not all PVC products are created equal, which is why we pride ourselves on our approach to product testing. In fact, our products have some of the highest cellular densities on the market, which make them more durable and less likely to weaken over time.

On top of that, we also offer a 30-year lifetime guarantee on all of our products so you can use them with confidence. There are many variables that go into the production of PVC, which makes each batch of PVC unique. We make sure we do the hard work on your behalf and ensure our products are fit for use before we ship them to you.

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Why Choose High-Quality Cellular PVC?

When you’re shopping around for lower-grade plastic or vinyl window trim, you are taking a risk. Many vinyl lumber suppliers refuse to identify what’s actually inside their products. Often, it is difficult to know the level of quality you are receiving and you will end up paying more for an inferior product.

PVC Solutions was founded by builders for builders with a simple goal in mind. Our mission is to provide high-quality PVC products at prices that don’t break the bank. We’re confident that when you try our products and compare them against those of our competitors, you’ll be more than satisfied. Don’t waste your time with lower quality wood, vinyls or composite trim. Set yourself up for success by buying the best!


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