The Benefits of KONG PVC Exterior Trim

Kong is Beautiful

While the product does not require any painting, our PVC exterior trim and moulding easily accept any paints or stains that you apply to match desired color schemes.  During the manufacturing process, we include a coating of UV protection that keeps your PVC trim shining throughout the years keeping yellowing at bay. With sealed edges on all sides of our high quality cellular PVC lumber, cleaning becomes a much easier task if it does get dirty.

Kong is Customizable

Craft a masterpiece with PVC lumber that can be easily shaped, milled and moulded using standard woodworking tools.  When cutting or routing, don’t worry about chip outs or fastening close to edges, our high quality PVC won’t split. With our newly offered heating blankets, heat-bending just became much easier and more affordable as well.  Because our PVC is easy to customize and easy to install you will rapidly see your time and labor costs decrease.

Kong is Innovative

There are many PVC products used in construction and here at PVC Solutions, we specialize in developing products that have builders best interests in mind.  We are currently the only ones carrying ½” PVC soffit material in 18’ lengths to help builders save on materials overall.  We are now also bringing in affordable heating blankets that will change the game for builders looking to build custom shapes for moulding. arches of PVC exterior trim.  We continue to source products that will change the game…Don’t see something that you want? Let us know and if it is in both our best interests, we will find it.

Kong is Durable

Kong PVC trim boards and moulding will stand the test of time.  Made from high quality cellular PVC you will never have to worry about rotting, splitting, cupping, twisting or warping when working with our Kong Building Products.  Our exterior PVC trim is naturally moister and insect resistant as well to last in even the worst climates. There is no need to even paint the product as it looks beautiful from the factory and comes with a UV coating that will keep its shine through the years.  This is backed up by our 75 year limited lifetime warranty which you can learn more about HERE.

Kong is Manufacturer Direct

Working directly with the factory gives us complete control of product quality every step of the way.  With consistent density, color, and sealed edges that are squared every time, we will always guarantee that you always receive the same great Kong PVC.  On top of that, we offer unbeatable prices by sourcing directly from the factory and on large jobs we can even drop ship directly to your job site to keep transit costs to a minimum.

Kong is Proven

We have been using Kong building products in our own builds for the last 16 years in both residential and commercial developments.  This has helped us hone in on how to use PVC exterior trim as a building material.  We now know which products to use for certain applications and offer new innovative products as well that keep material costs low.  With the founding of PVC solutions we’ve taken a small step back from building and now have delivered 300 tons of PVC building material to our building partners in the last year alone!


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